Cumulonimbus tidal waves blanket the sky like an overcast of clean bed sheets calming you into a dream. It’s a lot like having your head in the clouds, but you’re still grounded, rooted like a white orchid – a delicate luxury.   And it’s an astonishing thing: the feeling of snow on phantom limbs. It … Continue reading Blanc


It smells like rose water and tastes like chili peppers. You feel it when smiling up at the sun, when your chest tightens, when your skin flares up. It sounds like moaning and hair pulling. It reminds you of apple picking on an early morning. It can be the cold touch of fingertips or the … Continue reading Rouge

Organic Poetry

I am from the sun—the inspired spirit, illuminating language like the warm sound of Good Morning.   Living and breathing molecular history, I am from the Earth that sits curiously within our natural universe.   I am from the trees, growing infinitely with every thought that blossoms. I undress my mind : scattering leaves all … Continue reading Organic Poetry