Organic Poetry

I am from the sun—the inspired spirit, illuminating language like the warm sound of Good Morning.   Living and breathing molecular history, I am from the Earth that sits curiously within our natural universe.   I am from the trees, growing infinitely with every thought that blossoms. I undress my mind : scattering leaves all … Continue reading Organic Poetry

Forbidden Fruit

Take a sip from your forbidden fruit — and I mean the bottomless parts of your mind. Dip inside, dive deep, go underneath, underwater where the bubbles slide along your sides like hands that once found home on your hips.   Walk down to the garden because your words can live forever and the flowers love it … Continue reading Forbidden Fruit

Gold Dust

You are the earth; I am its spirit and together the trees act as our lungs that breathe under starlight and rustle when we are excited — leaves wisp in our wind, and I hear maracas sound. My hips sigh and we glide methodically — call it organic chemistry, the way our lips trigger nuclear … Continue reading Gold Dust

Ars Poetica

To My Poet,   I am a cursive body running laps on your notepad telling you the story of how we first met. I am the best type of tickle — a spark that lights your spirit, warmth — like the sound of good morning. I will be bittersweet — the first bite of a … Continue reading Ars Poetica


Linger   I sleep at ease when the scent of last night stitches into my clothes. I breathe, and every past good or bad decision we enacted in moonlight perfumes the room. His fragrance envelopes me. The aroma cloaks and holds shapes: impressions left on the couch, incense coiling to the ceiling, the mint on … Continue reading Linger