Meu Nome

Printed on my birth certificate you’ll find several names: Erica Chaves Barreto born to Anaracy Oliveira Chaves and Helder Manuel Vieira Barreto. My parents’ Brazilian and Portuguese names sound like music when pronounced with fluent passion, stemming from the romance language they both inherited and forgot to pass on. For those of you who don’t … Continue reading Meu Nome

Order and Progress

Growing up, I was not too fond of Sunday school. I had a hard time remembering prayers, especially when confession dictated that I cough up a couple Hail Marys to compensate for my sins. I had a hard time listening to sermons because our pastor didn’t have the best grasp of English. I did, however, … Continue reading Order and Progress

Meu Pai

I am my father’s daughter. Or so I am told. You have his eyes, his nose, his temper, his lips. We grew up in a house of mirrors where polished metal replaced tacky wallpaper, and I still couldn’t see his reflection in mine. Lacan’s mirror apprehension theory claims that infants, up until a certain point … Continue reading Meu Pai