Living the American Dream in a Black Body

2 thoughts on “Living the American Dream in a Black Body”

  1. Ms. Erica, this was a beautiful piece of writing in which you conveyed the idea of racism in America perfectly. How you relate the problems of people being labeled based upon their skin color in this world to Ta-Naheisi’s perception of what it feels like to be in a black body was well articulated.. Making the connections between your own life experiences and what Coates mentioned to his son, were great facts to point out. The color of your skin does define how society views you. What really stood out to me about one of your examples were, the amount of time you spent fixing or doing your hair for a job interview, or the kind of clothes you chose to where. Although, clothes are always a big give away to how you want to perceive yourself, but changing your hair to fit this ideal “American standard” to be accepted, is exactly what’s wrong with the world. Not only does american society fail at being empathetic toward one another, but also accepting people for who they are regardless what race, gender, hair type they appear to be/have. That’s whats wrong with the American Dream. They only view the ideal dream of america holding the stature of fair skin, blonde, Red hair and blue,green, hazel eyes and dismissing the diversity of what makes America beautiful.

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